Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wilo Online Game and Marketing Collateral

Appealing to an almost exclusively male skilled tradesman demographic who buy pumps at 500 selected plumbing merchants across the UK.

In an increasingly competitive arena where manufacturers are working doubly hard to produce energy efficient products that meet strict regulations, original marketing tools are crucial, but they don’t need to be complicated. The answer was to create WiloWin, an easy-to-play online game with cash prizes, accompanied by a comprehensive marketing strategy that would catch the attention of the busy installer to coincide with imminent new European regulations..

The campaign is fully supported by posters, counter top dispensers and leaflets for the merchants selling Wilo pumps, plus an eshot, Twitter and Facebook activity.
A new European directive eradicates old energy-guzzling pumps and installers must comply by choosing new energy-efficient pumps for their customers instead. This represents a highly valuable and unmissable opportunity for Wilo to drive sales of its new high efficiency pumps.

The tag line “Take a Break” reflects the key message - that Wilo pumps are so quick and easy to fit that installers will have time to take a tea break and have a cuppa! To encourage as many installers as possible to choose a Wilo pump above other products, everyone who visits the WiloWin.co.uk website to register the serial number of their purchased pump receives a free £5 Costa Gift Card. In addition, they have a chance to win a cash prize of up to £180.

Echoing the simple red button controls of the pumps, players click a red button to enter the competition and go to a screen of animated coffee cups filling up either with coffee beans or money, all complete with the attractive sound of jingling coins.

A quick, easy online game accompanied by a comprehensive marketing strategy has caught the attention of the busy installer target market.


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