Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Exhibition Stand Design

It all starts with a consultation with the client to establish a design brief so a complete understanding of the client needs are correctly interpreted in the design solution. The first stage in creating a successful purpose built exhibition stand is to identify what is to be included in the design to ensure the maximum exposure of products or services and achieve an inviting business environment. An item check list could include: the company products, video monitors, internet connections, literature and racking, meeting areas, office, bar or coffee lounge and storage facilities. Assessing the available exhibition space, the visitor traffic flow and how it can be best utilised for displaying the company products together with any accompanying graphics to insure the visitor will easily find what interests them and communicate the benefits effectively. To achieve the desired result research and gather the required information (usually established in the client brief) and create a series of first stage design sketches with photo references of all the mandatory inclusions.

Applying the company branding and the look and feel of their corporate identity to the overall stand design together with corporate, product and information graphics in a second stage design visual together with 3D representations of the first stage thumbnail sketches. At this point the stand contractors should be consulted with reference to producing the accurate working plans with dimensions, timings, lighting, electrics, finishes, construction materials and platform / floor coverings.
Once these have been established a detailed specification and costings can be put together, with a 3D rendering of the finished design solution.


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