Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Show branding and consumer marketing creative

Branding and marketing creative for The Ecolife Show a show for the future, it is a showcase for current and future technology, from how we build, heat and ventilate our homes, our choice of transport, sustainable and eco-travel, new consumer product design, water management and waste re-cycling.

The Show will bring together manufacturers from all over Europe, large and small, who are leaders in their sectors, be that home energy, transport or travel.

It will connect consumers, agents and installers to solution providers, helping them to identify how they can make key changes in the way they run their homes and enjoy their lives, to help them achieve a more energy efficient way of life, lower energy bills and become a ‘green’ consumer.

With the political framework for change and government incentives to encourage consumers to go green now firmly established, there has never been a better time for providers of energy saving solutions to build brand awareness with the people that have the power to make a difference.

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